Updated & Opensource coin core system!

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  • TBC Web Wallet
  • TBC Windows Wallet
  • TBC Linux Wallet
  • TBC Branded Mining POOL
  • TBC Branded CrowdFund(Under Construction)
  • TBC Branded MLM Completed
  • TBC Branded CRYPTO Trade Platform(Under Construction)
  • TBC Branded Blog Completed

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Unique Swap Program

We have takeover old TBC and update its core system with new many feature. As old coin dont have open source, which makes it not standard as present world.With our new system anyone can earn TBC by participating Mining Pool. So for old TBC holder we Put Coin swap Program by partnering with MegaCrypton.Com. From MegaCrypton Platform you can instantly Swap Old Coin to New TBC Coin. 1 Old Coin= 1 New TBC coin, there is no extra charges or fees.

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We've got a lot of amaing and cool features

Core System

We have upgraded old TBC into standard clean code. Algorithm used SHA256- Proof of Work(POW)

Block Reward

We have increased Block Reward of new TBC, Now everyone will get 180 TBC per Block. Block reward halving after 840000 Block

Money Supply

Total coin supply will be 378000000 TBC

Manage TBC Money

Old TBC only got web wallet, But for our New TBC we have developed Wallet for windows/Linux, Web wallet(with 2FA Security Facility), so you can easily manage TBC

Earn TBC

We have setup many system to earn TBC. Currently Avilable option for earning TBC as below:

  • 1. Mining TBC from Desktop or Laptop, We have setup TBC Branded Pool, You will find details how to mine TBC from Desktop/Laptop from Pool Page TBC Pool Miner
  • 2. Invest in TBC MLM site, which will be launched soon TBC MLM
  • 3. You can also collect tbc for any Project by form Crowdfund, we made TBC crowdfund for TBC user TBC CrowdFund(Under Construction)

Watch Video

View TBC Introductory Video.

More Features

We've got a lot of features, here are some more


We are working to add TBC MLM website, soon it will Launch.It will be work as a Binary MLM.

TBC Crowdfund

Our TBC Crowdfund Project is also under construction, with this Platform any TBC client can collect fund for any Social or International Project

TBC Crypto Trade Platform

We are also developing TBC branded Crypto Trade Platform, Which will be soon launched, From TBC Cryto Trade Platform, Intially anyone can buy/sell TBC against Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge.

DICE GAME and Casino

We will also starting TBC Dice Game for TBC user, soon we will launch TBC Dice Game and later Casino For TBC User.

Source Code

Our Source code is Open, so anyone can develope it more further.Soon we will up on github.

TBC Blog

Its actually TBC Branded Social Network, here you can chat with all user of TBC, We will be also adding some miniclip Game to enjoy your Time.


Current TBC Price

1 TBC= 0.0004 TBC

Its super Idea. Iam so proud to be part of TBC, it was really hard work, but support from TBC foundation makes it so much easy. Thanks TBC


Developer at TBC Foundation

All credits goes to all my developer team, to develop TBC more further and thanks to all TBC user for helping TBC to reach its goal

Harold Smith

Co-Founder & CEO at TBC Foundation

I am really very happy to be with TBC foundation, Thanks to Harold to give me such oppertunity to be a part of TBC


Fund Manager at TBC Foundation

Its My Best participation on this TBC Project, I really Like its concept, will try my best to care of my responsibility for TBC

Claudia Giulia

Marketing & Promoting Head at TBC Foundation

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